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Investing In Legal Cannabis: Part 1 CBD

U.S. Background

Public opinion towards legalizing cannabis has evolved over the past twenty years. According to a Pew Research report on the U.S. public opinion on legalizing marijuana, 63% of respondents thought the use of marijuana should be illegal in 2000. However, public opinion gradually changed over the next 10 years, and by 2010 public opinion was split on whether marijuana use should be legal. Since 2010, legalizing cannabis has gained significant popularity led by the millennial and Gen X generations. At the end of 2018, six-in-ten Americans said marijuana use should be legal.

There are currently ten states and the District of Columbia that legalized small amounts of marijuana for adult recreational use, and thirty-three states that allow medical use.

There are a growing number of state lawmakers and governors getting behind efforts to legalize marijuana as public support strengthens.

Twenty-one states considered bills that would legalize adult-use marijuana in 2018, and there…